Service Department

satisfaction guaranteed

trained service technicians

Our experienced and highly trained service technicians offer satisfaction guaranteed bike repairs for every rider. Our goal is to get you back on the trail in the quickest, safest amount of time as humanly possible. We warranty all of the work that comes out of our service department. We offer a complimentary diagnosis of every service bike from wheel to wheel, that rolls through our door. Our customers leave the service department with a precise quote and are notified if other issues arise during the process of their service so there are no surprises when they return to pick up their ride.

Here Are Our Service Menu Items

Keep er Rollin’ $45

  • Brakes & Derailleurs adjusted, tire pressure checked, chain wear checked, torque spec checked. Quick wipe down.

Tap er Lite $80 +parts

  • Everything adjusted, both wheels trued, headset adjusted, bike cleaned and parts lubricated.

Mile High $210+ Parts

  • All adjustments, chain install, wheels trued, tubes.
  • Brake/dropper bleed, cables/housing replaced, new parts installed, bike cleaned and lubricated. $100 saving compared to individual repair costs.

Packages Below Include Labor & Parts

Drive Train Pkg $55

  • Drive train removed and soaked in the solvent tank. Removes all gunk build up for optimal drive train performance.

Shift Upgrade Pkg $60

  • New shift cable & housing.

Brake Pkg $60

  • New cable/housing (mechanical brakes).

Full Suspension Pkg $250

  • Recommended 6-12 months. Install new fork oil, wipers, shock oil, air sleeve, remove, inspect, clean, lubricate all bearings, link hardware & new DU bushings.

A La Carte/Individual service items

(Parts not included)

Derailleur Adjustment | $15
Cable and Housing Install | $25
Chain Install | $15
Wheel True | $20
Spoke Replacement | $20
Fix a Flat | $10
Tubeless Tire Conversion | $30
Brake/Dropper Bleed | $35
Brake Adjustment | $15
Brake Pad Install | $20
Fork Service | $85
Shock Service | $60
Diagnostic/Hourly Rate | $60